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Each story is sourced to the original source if known, you will find this at the bottom of each post. I do not own any of these stories I just collate them for your entertainment and to allow further exposure for the authors.We welcome submissions, but please submit completed stoires.

Just for Daddy

Beth and I drove Sara, my latest girlfriend, to the airport for her flight to Chicago to attend a wedding. Off and on over the past two years I’d had others, and Beth, my sixteen daughter, never liked any of them. After her mom had died, she became very protective of me.

Leaving the airport, I asked Beth if she was hungry. She said, “Hmmm,” which means, “Don’t bother me.” She closed her eyes and put her head against the window with her feet up. I glanced over at her bare thighs boldly displayed from under her blue pleated miniskirt. To my delight, a bit of her lovely ass was showing. I imagined running my hand up her thighs to her teenage ass.

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Beneath the warm sunlit white plastic garden chair, set in concrete, was a single paw print. His eye took it in. A cat, back in the sixties when this ‘ugly’ estate was constructed (at least that’s what his own parents would have thought of these rectangular sets of identical houses) must have tentatively placed its paw in wet cement, and then in shock, retreated, inadvertently making its mark, if not for all time, then at least longer than it thought. Longer than its own existence. The shock of the unexpected. He looked up at her, as she swung out the kitchen door. She lurched, grinning, really drunk now, and holding another bottle of ’fizzy’ wine.

“Just another, little tipple me thinks,” she said, laughing.

Her laugh sparkled and danced, slightly off kilter like a talented ballerina, with an injury that would not, could not be completely healed, though she dances bravely onward, looking for a partner to catch her when she falls.

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The invitation

I begin to strip the moment I step onto the roof.

I can’t breathe.

My wrap is the first to go, lifted from my shoulders and taken by the brisk fall air. As I make my way towards the ledge, I drop my purse, kicking away the contents as they scatter from the broken clasp. I rip off the suffocating cluster of pearls and diamonds that choke my neck. Diamond teardrop earrings disappear onto the black tar that coats the surface of the roof. Jeweled pins are yanked from my head, pulling several thick brown strands of hair along with them. I lose the battle with the zipper on the back of my dress and instead yank the straps down and push the stretchy velvet material off of my hips.

By the time I reach the railing I am down to a strapless bra, black satin thong and four inch heels. Placing my hands on the painted white barrier, I breathe in and out. My body is trembling, yet it has nothing to do with the twenty degree temperature. A bead of sweat slides down my temple and is kissed away by the blustery wind.

It’s not enough.

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San Diego marathon

Due to our careers, my husband and I can only have voyeur and exhibitionism scenarios outside our hometown. This exhibitionism took place last summer while I was competing in a marathon in San Diego. I carpooled with a friend of mine that I train with on the weekends. We arrived two days before the race to get settled in. My husband was to drive down the day of the marathon because he could not get the time off before the event. When we arrived I texted my husband the room number and to let him know we had made it to the hotel. 

After setting my luggage down, I opened the drapes and sliding glass door to the small patio to let some air and light in. I noticed the room across from mine had their drapes open as well. As I stood at the window looking down at the pool, watching people swim, I saw a man walk by his window across the way from my room on the same floor level as mine. At first I thought he was wearing tan colored shorts. Then it dawned on me he was naked. I thought he must have just gotten out of the shower and didn’t realize how visible he was. I watched him for awhile thinking maybe he couldn’t see me. 

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Hot Ice

Six foot two inches of tanned muscular glory glided towards my empty bed. He had that thing. The gorgeous face, the chiseled body, and the sexy swag… This is what I needed: the dick. His wife was a lucky bitch to have him. But I wanted him all to myself: a one-on-one fuck feast. The teasing in New Orleans left me craving his searing flesh way down deep inside my chocolate cavern. Now, he was mine. This was going to be so good. Richard looked at me and rubbed his throbbing pole, parted my aching labia folds, and dangled his junk at the door of my unfulfilled desire. He pushed the tip in and then 

“No… no…no” I whispered. My damn eyes were opening.

“Un-fucking-believable, the dreaded unfulfilled sex dream strikes again! Aw hell!” I held my eyes shut tight and I remained perfectly still with the hope that the cobra would strike and my paused dream would resume play.

“Sleep, oh please, please, please just go back to sleep,” I prayed and I began to drift.

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Anonymous asked: Do you have a dropbox where we could download your storys frm. ??

I just created an account but I’m not sure how this thing works.

Anonymous asked: Could u make your stories a read more please?

They are all displayed using read more, if you are viewing from a device other than a laptop or PC, tumblrs read more  doesnt work.

My Fucking Driver

The work at office was hectic I looked at the time on the office clock. 11:15 pm. I had a customer message to solve. I had started working from 8 am in the morning and I was dead tired at 11:15 in the middle of the night I could not understand a single line of code written by me, let alone trying to figure out other’s code and it all looked like matrix stuff. Something went wrong with our software bought by our customer.

Probably some smart ass changed some lines of code and the entire program went into infinite loop and now it’s up to me offshore team as they would call it to save the world here. I looked around from my cubicle, emptiness an array of empty tables and chairs, monitors , phones, white boards filled with threatening undecipherable algorithms, empty conference rooms where fiery heated discussions and exchange of ideas from one brain to another.

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Anonymous asked: OH MY GOSH Seven Days has to be the best story I have read

It’s a true favourite for many including myself.

Anonymous asked: I just can't believe Seven days is over.. It was really a beautiful story, and I cried a couple of times. I loved it!

I know, good things come to an end though.

Seven Days (conclusion)

Nic turned to look at Victoria.

"Nic…shit, I’m sorry. What an asshole," Victoria said, shaking her head in disbelief. That prick Marsh just lied to her. She felt like a fool. "I got nervous and a little scared that he was going to try to cause problems at your office, so I let him stay here instead."

"Are you okay?" Nic asked, rolling up his sleeves. He was so fucking sick of Marsh. There had been numerous times in the past when he had wanted to take that nosey fuck out, but he knew that would draw too much attention. Killing cops wasn’t really his thing, but he would have loved to make an exception for Marsh.

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Seven Days (part 9)

Victoria was so tired, she could barely keep her eyes open. The trip from that hotel in the middle of nowhere where she had left her heart behind was a blur. She had slept most of the time while Antonio drove back. She slightly remembered him singing along to some rap song, but then she was out again. 

She did however wake up right as Antonio was pulling up to some lavish hotel, and she vaguely remembered telling him to keep on driving until they reached something she could afford. A Motel 6 or something like that. But Antonio just laughed, insisting that Nic would kill him if he dropped her off at such a place, plus she didn’t have her purse with her. And now that she had physically seen Nic kill a man, maybe Antonio had a point. The valet who took their car gave her a once-over. She was sure she looked ridiculous. She was half out of it, and was wearing a silly t-shirt with no bra. But luckily they had stopped by her apartment, and she had quickly gathered some extra clothes with her eyes half shut. 

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Seven Days (part 8)

Jimmy sat patiently on the couch in Nic’s office as Nic dialed Victoria again. The first time she didn’t pick up. Jimmy tossed another pecan in his mouth and wiped his hands. He and his wife were supposed to be going to dinner with the new couple as soon as Victoria got off work. He glanced back over at Nic and waited.

"There you are. What time do you think you’ll be here?" Nic asked.

Jimmy watched as Nic’s brow furrowed.

"What do you mean, you don’t know? I thought you were going to leave early?" he questioned. 

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Seven Days (part 7)

Victoria marched back into the club as quickly as she could. She had to get away from Nic. What the hell was wrong with her? She kept glancing behind her to make sure Nic hadn’t followed her back in. She needed to find Sonny and go. She was done with Nic Andretti. Completely done. 

Victoria scanned the crowded club. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. She felt dizzy. Why was she letting this happen? Why did she put herself in this situation? She saw Sonny in the distance talking to a group of people and laughing. He had just used her, and much like Nic, didn’t even care how it had hurt her. She realized right then, that she wasn’t riding back with him. She had trusted a snake, been bitten, and she had no one to blame but herself. She just wanted both Nic and Sonny out of her life for good. And if they wouldn’t stay away from her, she’d damn sure stay away from them. She found the front entrance she and Sonny had come through earlier and made a straight line to it. She had almost reached the door when someone grabbed her arm.

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Anonymous asked: I love the story seven days *_* can´t wait for the next part how long does it take you to update your stores normally :D? ohhh and btw I´m from germany and your writimg is very easy to understand

We post one part per day, there are 4 yet to be published (but hella long ones). I’m glad you like it (Danke shoen :P)